All Roads Lead to Disaster


So it has come to this… I have decided to change the very system that we have come to know and secretly love. What I mean when I say this is that the toughness system of damage management is being thrown out and I am bring in an optional system of HP. You can determine the HP of your character by taking your CON score and adding that to your CON modifier times 3. After this, take your Toughness base score (thats your toughness minus your CON modifier) and times it by two and that becomes damage reduction. If your toughness score is impervious, then you multiply it by three rather than two.

Now you might be wondering, Justin, if we now have HP, how does the damage convert over to the new system, well, this is simple my child. Firstly, take your damage bonus and convert it from the following table

Damage Bonus______New Damage




+4 and up________1d6 per damage bonus minus 2

Example: The Phantom Limp has a shocking touch attack that he can use to kill others. He decides that Doctor Venture has lived out his usefulness and attacks him. Phantom Limp has an attack Bonus of +10 which converts into 8d6.

And so it begins...

To sum up what as happened so far in the game I can come up with no better explanation than to say: “Shit be CRAZY!”


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